Chain of Command and Contact Information

Commanding Officer NSCCLT Ray Torres, USNR, NAC/AW (RET)

C) 770 - 365 -  0694

H) 770 - 486 - 0487

Executive Officer NSCC
LTjg John James

H) 770-942-0844

C) 404-274-4005

Operations Officer NSCC

​Assistant Operation Officer





Administrations Officer

LTjg John James

H) 770-942-0844

Personnel Officer  
INST Theresa James

H) 770-942-0844

Training Officer

Assistant Training Officer

INST Sweeny

​INST Theresa James

H) 770-942-0844

C) 404-274-4005

Supply / Logistic Officer

Asst. Supply/ Logistics Supply Officer 

ENS Christina Nguyen


C) 404-536-4698

Division OfficerMIDMN NguyenC) 678-490-5666

Master at Arms

Assistant MAA

MIDMN Nguyen

Cadets who attended MAA training

Recruiting Officer
LT Ray Torres
See Above

Unit LPO

​Unit ALPO

PO2 Moore

PO3 Pakulski  

H) 770-942-0844

​H) 404-245-1606

Facebook/Unit Web Page Designer

Asst Web Page Designer-USNSCC

Mr.. Tim Nguyen (ENS Nguyen Husband)

H) 678-216-8221

NARS B-1 Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ray Torres USNSCC, USNR, (NAC/AW) RET

I started out as a Sea Cadet in New York City and worked my way up to the rank of Midshipman. This was my first experience getting a “touch” with what is must be like being in the Navy and knowing what it was like to work as a team player with my fellow Cadets. I also learned about honor, courage and commitment. And I was the coolest kid on the block wearing my uniform.  

I honorably served and retired in the U.S. Navy with 4 years of Active Duty & 23 years in the Reserves as an Aviation Machinist Mate Petty Officer 1st Class totaling 27 years of faithful service to our country as a Naval Air Crewman, Air Warfare Specialist and as a Jet engine specialist, which encompassed J-52’s,  J-79’s, JT-8’s, JT-9D’s & T-56 Jet Engines, to mention a few. I served as an on-board Flight Engineer, on both the C-130 Hercules and the C-9B Sky Train Aircraft traveling worldwide on all types of missions. Tours of duties included VT-28 – Trading Squadron, Corpus Christi, TX. Serving  as a Jet Engine mechanic & Plane Captain, VXE-6 – Quonset Point, Rhode Island, taking part in Operation “Deepfreeze” deploying to Antarctica (South Pole) as a Flight Engineer on C-130 Aircraft, USS John F Kennedy – served as Ship’s Company as a Jet Engine mechanic, VR-52 – NAS Willow Grove Pennsylvania: A Flight Logistics Squadron as a Flight Engineer on C-9B Aircraft completing missions throughout the world, VR-46 – NAS Atlanta, Georgia: A Flight Logistics Squadron as a Flight Engineer on C-9B aircraft also completing missions throughout the world. I was awarded a Military certification as an Aeronautical Engineer. When I was not flying my additional tour responsibilities also included Powerplant Shop Supervisor, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Line Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance Control Supervisor.

During my Navy Reserve time, I worked for Delta Airlines, for 15 years. I assumed the position of a Boeing 757/767 Maintenance Training Instructor for Pilots & Aircraft Technicians that included full flight simulator training and OJT. During my time in service, I also served as a Repair Coordinator, outsourcing components, airframe & engine parts to suppliers worldwide. Additionally, I held a position as the Senior Instructor/Facilitator for Performance Appraisal & soft skill training & coaching, i.e. Diversity, Time Management, Communication by Strength, etc. I retired from Delta Airlines after a total of 20 years.      

Prior to Delta Airlines, I worked for Pan American Airways, for 5 years, I held the position as a Work Integrated Training Supervisor for Classroom & and on-the-job- training on the aircraft for mechanics and Management personnel. The position included structural, component and engine line repairs & replacements. Prior to this, I had started out as a licensed Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) working in various shops, hangar & line maintenance at JFK International Airport in New York City.


LTjg Ray Torres, USNSCC, USNR, NAC / AW (RET)    

NARS B-1 Squadron

Atlanta/Marietta Georgia