The Naval Sea Cadet Corps was federally chartered in 1962 as a non-profit Organization to be sponsored by 
the Navy League of the United States and Supported by the Department of the Navy. June 1965, Jack Clark (now CAPT J.E. Clark, USNR) met with 8 concerned fathers at the Naval Reserve Training Center, on Fifth street  in Atlanta. His request to put together a Naval Sea Cadet Corps Division was accepted.

On August 4, 1965, Division 6-6-85, Naval Sea Cadet Corps was commissioned by CDR George Marshall, USN, Executive Officer of Naval Air Station Atlanta, to drill one night per Week at the NRTC. The Atlanta Council of the Navy League of the United States appointed LCDR Marshall "Dusty" M. Banks', NSCC, to serve as the First Commanding  Officer. Among the first cadets we’re John Adams, Pat Sw'indall, Chris Banks, Randy Taylor, and Charles Wirt.

In August 1965, the Naval Sea Cadet Corps was in its infancy and the staff had to forget its own procedures for obtaining Navy uniforms, establishing Division structure and a training program. Fortunately, one of the staff Was a member of Naval Air Reserve Staff B-1, a Naval Air Reserve unit which Drilled at NAS Atlanta, and was familiar with the structure of a Naval Reserve Unit and the Naval Reserve training program. In November 1965,  there Were 103 Naval Sea Cadet Divisions and Navy League Training Ships in commission.

In December 1965, the first “Boot Camp” was conducted by the Training Department Of NAS Atlanta for a total of 8 cadets, over a period of two weeks. From 1965 to 1968 the Division developed structure, procedures, and training Programs, with as many field trips as possible to Navy Bases and Naval Air Stations. Air transport was very difficult to arrange, and “Boot Camp”  was provided as often as it could be done. Regular schedules for Navy “Boot Camp” for Naval Sea Cadets was not nearly as standardized as they were later. 

In 1968, the Division' was divided into: Detachment A which drilled on weekends At NAS Atlanta; and Detachment B which continued to drill at the surface-Oriented NRTC with LCDR Harry L. Mahoney, Executive Officer of Division 6-6-85, as Officer-in-Charge.

On 22 February 1970, Detachment A changed its name, and was commissioned as NARS B-1 Squadron, Naval Sea Cadet Corps, to drill on weekends at NAS Atlanta. During the following years the squadron sponsored a number of summer Two Week Training (TWT) periods, the most notable was for 53 cadets aboard the USS Lexington, CVT-16. On 7 June 1973, LCDR Banks resigned as Commanding Officer
Of NARS B-1, and from the Naval Sea Cadet Corps, and LT F.A. Ingalsbe, NSCC became the Commanding Officer.

The Squadron was finally named NARS B-1 which stands for Naval Air Reserve Station – Base-1.      To date, NARS B-1 is one of the oldest units in the state of Georgia, leading with 50 + years.  

NARS B-1 Squadron

Atlanta/Marietta Georgia